Nice to meet you !!!

August 30, 2019

Hello my name Tey. I am 25 years old.

I’m working at CAMBODIA GROW TOKYO for few month now.




When I come here  first time, I’m worry about my work. I was so nervous….!! and i think about my boss and all together !

But I’m very happy when i working to here .and very good for me now.

I can speak English everyday and study more hairdresser .but my memory not good because I always forget that what I learned.

so I must to study again and again ….!

In my dream,  i want to be a very good hairdresser . I try it!!! I can do it!!!!!!!!.

 Thanks to all Grow staffs for liking me.


Boeng Keng Kang Branch

TEL    023987330

Facebook >>>>> Grow tokyo

Instagram >>>> grow tokyo


Toul Kouk Branch

TEl  078755324

Facebook…  Tk grow Tokyo

instagram …  tkgrowtokyo