Introduce myself

October 09, 2020

I’m Sarah . I started working at Grow Tokyo by the end of May  2020.
l love being a hairdresser because:
1… because having a job I love to do AND get paid for it just isn’t enough! I also get to empower women with the snip of my shears and the stroke of my color brush. Making the world a more beautiful place is an honor, and I cherish every moment!
2….I love being a hairdresser because no other career on earth allows me to connect with a stranger in such a physical and emotional way that we both walk away changed for life. Every client I have has changed my life in one way or another, I only hope that I have done the same for them.

Before coming to work here I used to work in other hair salons.The working environment here is very professional and especially get to work with Japanese.The Japanese people and personality have always been admired by the whole world.Grow Tokyo was like a one-house school to me.
This is the first time I have a birthday celebration. Sure no one will believe it but it’s true. It is  surprising and warm things

And from here I know what I have to start pursuing in the future to highlight my professional qualifications . This can include : education , years in the profession , certification , past work experience , ect .

I want to say thank you to Grow Tokyo, thank the founder of Grow Tokyo so I can pursing my dream and my colleagues who always stand by my side.
Love all !!

Boeng Keng Kang Branch

TEL    023987330

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Toul Kouk Branch

TEl  078755324

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