Nice to meet you!!

September 21, 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Thao !

  I would like to introduce myself  … I am currently working at grow tokyo … In the past I worked in Vietnamese shops and after a while I thought and wanted to learn more.   about how Japanese people work … So I applied to grow Tokyo … And this is my first time working with Japanese people … They are also very friendly,fun …       I was passionate about singing and dancing … And I used to go to some places … But then an injury to my left arm broke so I could no longer dance … And  I chose my hair career … Now I’m working at grow Tokyo … And I’m trying to learn and work here … I will be determined to become a professional hairdresser …         Anyway today I will tell you about the person I love so much that is Cuc.     She was very cute and happy,sociable … And giving birth to two very cute boys … them named coca and cola.         And now I am waiting for her to come back to grow again … I think every staff have the same feelings as me. it would be fun when she comes back to work with us …

Tel  02822537554  / 0931542264     


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Assistant Thao