Happy new year!!

February 23, 2021

Tet Nguyen Dan (also known as Tet Ca , Tet Ta, Lunar New Year, Traditional New Year or simply Tet) is the New Year’s holiday in the lunar calendar of the peoples of East Asia cultural area including China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

According to historical changes, the Japanese abandoned the Lunar New Year, while the Chinese, Trieu and Vietnamese still kept the system to welcome Tet even though they settled in other countries.

Every year, Tet is celebrated on the 1st of the first lunar month throughout Vietnam and in some other countries where Vietnamese communities live.

Sauce and kumquat in the North, Central or apricot in the South is considered an indispensable preparation in the days bordering Tet.

After that, during the Tet holidays, families get together, visit relatives together, give good wishes, celebrate the age and worship ancestors.

Especially in the Vietnamese tradition when the New Year comes, everyone in the family will gather to play poker

Personally, I feel that the year 2021 is quite a boring year because the 19 covid translation is still complicated for Vietnam and the world.

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