Tết Trung Thu

September 25, 2020

Hi,I’m Quynh.

According to the lunar calendar is the full moon day of August every year ( from October 1, 2020 western calendar )this has become the children’s New Year’s Day (Children’s New Year), also known as the Moon Festival, the Reunion New Year or the Spring Festival.

Children are looking forward to this day because adults often give them toys, lanterns… and eat moon cake.

On this day, people usually organizing fruit tray to worship the ancestors watching the moon. When the moon is high, children will dance and sing while watching the moon and playing folk games. In some places have lion dance and dragon dance are also organized for children to enjoy.

Also on this occasion people buy moon cakes, tea, wine to worship their ancestors in the evening when the full moon is just high. Also on this day, people often give gifts to grandparents, parents, teachers, friends, relatives and other benefactors, moon cakes, fruit, tea and wine.

In some place children are often organized to moonlight procession with the the starlight inside burned candles go around the village, hamlet, neighborhood in the mid-autumn night.

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