I can’t wait Tet holiday!

January 12, 2021


 I am Duy.

All off the special holidays in My country l like Tet the most .

Tet is an occasion to everyone get togherher in warm atmosphere. Before Tet holiday Everyone prepares many things and decorates their house.

I plant a lot of flowers in front of my house anh buy many things such as clothes foods.

Besides Most of the streets also are decorated beautifully with colorful light and flowers.

During Tet l spends more time ơn visiting my relatives friends and colleagues.

Especially l give to each other the best wishes for the new year. Tet is an opportunity for children receive lucky money.

There is a funny thing that People try to avoid argument or saying any bad things at Tet. Ilove Tet holiday.

And we will close during Tet holiday (10/Feb ~16/Feb).

We’ll waiting for you before then!!

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