December 16, 2018

Xin chào !! I’m Tín (^^)

After a long hard road block full of difficulties Vietnam team has become the champion Vietnam! Vietnam! Proud to sing forever in Vietnam! ”

So after 10 years of waiting, Vietnam has touched the championship cup of honor. 

The boys have had a great game, making more than 90 million hearts of Vietnamese fans. burst in joy of victory 



With the total score of 3-2 after two finals, the students of coach Hang-seo Park has re-recorded the championship AFF Cup of the senior generation a decade ago. Ten years of football in Vietnam once again glowed.



This result has witnessed the second Vietnam team crowned Southeast Asian arena with a 3-2 victory. On the Malaysian side, they have to end their second dream of a pocket money after 2010

Vietnam! Vietnam! Proud to sing forever in Vietnam! ”

Cong to “Vietnam champion



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