June 19, 2024

Sign that you should come visit our Grow Salon 

Grow Tokyo is a Japanese hair salon have been in Cambodia since 2015 until nowaday we have 4 branches in Phnom Penh. Visit us will give you a great experience of our service ( haircut, color, perm, treatment, head spa…..etc.) friendly staff and every haircut you will get  shampoo for free also get short massage with all of the service and welcome drink.

Feel free to come !!

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May 04, 2024

This is Cozy Grow Tokyo By Grow Tokyo is Japanese Hair salon

Address:  #1  street 352 , Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang

I would like to say about Japanese Products we have For sale!!

Magic Curler

Tangle Tweezer Brush

Curl Iron

Hair Straightener Iron


Easy for hair style

– Minimizing damage to hair

-Smooth & Glossy style

-It’s Faster & quickly then normal iron

– Quickly to turn on turn off

High quality

Temperature 180°c

Have a great days!!

Thank you!!






April 30, 2024

The highest daytime temperature in Phnom Penh is 41celsius and will feel like 47celsius. Your hair could get damage from sun like spilt ends, Breakage, Dryness , Rough texture, Greasiness, etc. But don’t worry in Grow Tokyo we have services to solve your problems like Treatment(Quick Treatment, Deep Treatment) for Moisturing, Nourizing, and Healthier. We also so have Head Spa(Quick Head spa, Long Head Spa) that’s really relaxing with all the head massage and helps it with Dandruff, itching, Scalp odor, Hair loss. And don’t forget to  stay hydrate and come visit us we also have refreshing drink!

From Dany

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March 27, 2024

Greasy hair not only take away the smooth beauty of your hair, but can also be the cause of a number of scalp diseases. This is probably an obsession for many people, especially women. Let’s find out with Sarah what cause flat hair and how to effectively fix the phenomenon of flat hair through the article below.

How is your understand about greasy hair ?

Greasy hair is the result of sebaceous glands being overloaded than normal, causing hair to become sticky , oily, thin , and pressed against the scalp. This can also be the cause of dandruff on the scalp , even scalp fungus.

Cause of greasy hair 

_ Influence from environment and weather : when the weather is too hot or cool ,the sebaceous glands will overwork, causing hair to quickly become greasy.

_Washing your hair incorrectly: Choosing hair care products that are not suitable for your scalp type.

_Continuously stroking and combing your hair : Bacteria and dirty from hand or hairbrushes easily stick to the hair .

_Tying your hair too tight : only for women , when girls tie their hair too tightly, it’ll make the scalp “suffocated” and “hard to breathe”, leading to oil accumulation in the hair line area.

Therefore, washing your hair properly and choosing hair care products to overcome the phenomenon of  flat hair is very important.

By the way , I will introduce to you an air bubble shampoo 100% product Japan that will help you solve this problem.

PLARMIA CLEAR SPA FOAM  gently cleanses the scalp and hair, effectively eliminating odor-causing agents on the hair and scalp. Good for blood circulation. With MILBON air bubble shampoo, you can solve the problems you encounter on your scalp: Dandruff , Itching , Scalp odor , Hair loss of volume , Hair loss.

In addition to that :

_Limit the use of hair styling products: These products can make your it easier for dirt to stick to your hair , causing your hair to become greasy hair faster.

_Choose a pillow with material that absorbs sweat easily: This reduces sweat accumulation and prevents hair from quickly becoming greasy and oily.

Above are Sarah’s shared tips on how to effectively care for and fix greasy hair. Hopefully readers will no longer to afraid of having  greasy hair .

Toul Tom Pong

TEL: 078492943

E_MAIL growtokyo39@gmail.com

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March 14, 2024

Hello. I’m AKI.


We have a skill team, a communication team, a shooting team, a product team.


This time, Naris, the manager of the product team, Lily, the deputy manager, and Sara, the top stylist, explained shampoos, treatments, waxing, etc. to all the staff members, and asked them to share their information.








I was nervous, myself included, but I think everyone had a good experience and learned a lot.

I hope that you can take advantage of this learning opportunity and become interested in it.

I thought I would continue to try new things.




Toul Kouk Branch

TEl  078755324

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February 17, 2024


I’ve been Working at Grow Tokyo TK Branch for 1year and this is the Big clean 6th time and this time we cleaned harder.

Because this time we painted the walls.    HAHAHA!!!

Cleanliness is our top priority.

Be clean and healthy, and happy at hair salon.

Toul Kouk Branch

TEl  078755324

Facebook…  Tk grow Tokyo

instagram …  tkgrowtokyo

E-MAIL…  tkgrowtokyo39@gmail.com

February 15, 2024

February 14 2024

Hi! I’m Bella I’m assistant at Grow tokyo BKK

Valentines of pink and red.

special words of kindness said

small surprises funny jokes

paper hearts and friendly notes

the best part of this happy day Is that i get the chance to say today and for the whole year too.



January 25, 2024


先日、有難いことにオーストラリアのgrams hair salonのスタッフがカンボジアに来て下さり、ハイライト講習をしてくれました!とても勉強になりました‼︎







January 17, 2024

Hi! I’m Eling

I’m a assistant at Cozy Grow Tokyo, I’m really like working here so much because the environment was so nice and clean.

Working here make me feel like i am a new person and also i have gaining my skills my strength and also new experiences with new peoples. And i like to working as a stylist’s assistant because here make me work so flexible and also i can wash the hair and do the hair treatment. Everyday working was very enjoyable to me.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading my blog and i hope to see you here at Cozy Grow Tokyo for your new look and new style.

January 10, 2024

Hi, I am Chibi. I’ve been working at Grow Tk for almost a year now and today we had so much free time in the evening so I thought I’d practice haircut on a mannequin. I just have strong passion about it. It’s so exciting everytime I get to practice it hoping one day I will become one of our talented stylists.