December 06, 2019

Chào  các bạn tôi là thao thời gian vừa qua  tổi đã rất cố gắng luyện tập làm high light và giờ tôi đã thành công..  Tôi đang chuẩn bị cho một cuộc đua mới và sẻ cố gắng thật nhiều hơn về sau…

Sau đây tôi muốn nói cho các bạn biết một tin vui ở grow chúng tôi đó là bạn jonh chủ nhật tuần này sẻ có một đám cưới hoành tráng…  Anh ấy rất trẻ tuổi như rất tốt bụng và rất có trách nhiệm với những việc mình làm…  Tôi mong 2 vợ chồng jonh sẽ thật vui vẻ và trăm năm hạnh phúc…  Cảm ơn mọi người đã giành ít thời gian để đọc…

Hi my friends, I have been trying hard to practice high light recently, and now I have succeeded .. I am preparing for a new race and will try harder afterward …

Here I want to tell you the good news at our grow that this Sunday jonh will have a big wedding … He is very young as very kind and very responsible for the  what I do … I hope the couple will be happy and hundred years of happiness … Thank you for taking the time to read …

Assistant Thao

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November 30, 2019


突然ですがアシスタントSammy が結婚する事になり、お相手の方がマレーシアの方なのでマレーシアに行ってしまう事になりました。

ホーチミン店でSammy と私は同じくらいから働き始めました。



Sammy の田舎に一緒に行ってお母さんの手作りごはんをご馳走になったり。







growのスタッフは何故辞めないのか、どうやって教育しているのかと聞かれますが、これは最初からいるCucSammy のおかげだと思います。2人が良い子だったから。


Sammy は日本人の考え方を本を買ってまで勉強してくれました。








Stylist Mao

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November 25, 2019

  • Mùa thu đã qua và mùa đông chuẩn bị tới cũng là lúc mọi người đang chờ đón lễ Giáng Sinh . Một lễ quan trọng với người đạo công giáo , mọi người đều trang trí những con đường xung quanh những nhà thờ thật đẹp để đón một lễ giáng sinh an lành . Còn bạn đã chuẩn bị gì cho lễ giáng sinh sắp tới chưa ?
  • .
  • Autumn is over and winter is coming and everyone is waiting for Christmas. An important celebration for Catholics, everyone decorated the streets around the beautiful churches to celebrate a peaceful Christmas. And have you prepared anything for the upcoming Christmas season?
  • Assistant John
. .
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November 14, 2019



grow では最近、新しいメンバーが仲間に入りました!! その名も Quynh☆です!! 美容の学校を卒業したばかりのフレッシュルーキー(^^) 働き始めたばかりでまだまだ緊張している所もありますが、一生懸命動いてくれると思うので、暖かい目でみて頂けるとありがたいです^_^ この通り元気もいっぱいあります☆ じゃんじゃん絡んであげてください(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ よろしくお願いします!!

new staff join our salon, her name is Quynh! she just graduated professional school.she has passion and good motivation! Please get her nice service!

Stylist Kasumi (Kenny)

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November 10, 2019

Every year in Vietnam we have a Vietnamese teacher anniversary. Is a tribute to the teachers The message of Vietnam Teachers’ Day is an anniversary to honor individuals working in the education industry. This is an opportunity for students to express their gratitude and affection, offering meaningful wishes to the teachers and teachers who have guided them on the path of learning. This is also an opportunity for all social strata to congratulate, share and pay respect to those who have great merit in creating talents. ; ; ; During the Vietnam Teachers’ Day event on November 20, the students had a lot of activities to thank the teachers. The first thing to mention is the gift of fresh, meaningful flowers as well as the preparation of sincere gifts for teachers. The gifts are extremely diverse depending on the budget and preferences of the giver such as high-end branded clothes, beauty care cosmetics … ; ; ; ; In addition, to show gratitude to the teachers, the students returned to their old schools to visit their former teachers’ health. Sincere greetings, creative small gifts of Vietnam for the affection of teachers and students are increasingly cohesive and close. ; ; ; ; ;       To celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 11/20, students also participate in art performance contests. The performances were meticulously prepared many days before the show. The competition costumes and participating props are well invested. This is considered a spiritual gift that the children send to their beloved aunts and teachers. ; ; ; In addition, this is an opportunity for children to become more united, more loving their school. Besides, the students also participated in a number of other activities organized on the occasion of November 20 such as newspaper wall, magazine, flower arrangement contest, painting, camping … Activities were organized in a fun atmosphere. fresh, excited and emotionally abundant. Students always try to complete their best to bring high rankings to the class as a gift for their teachers. And moreover in our hair salon there are 3 hairdressers, to me they are like my teachers, they only teach like real teachers ; ; ;

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Assistant Tin

October 29, 2019

Xin chao!!





[Fresh Catch Vietnam]へ。。。





やら やら やら








Have a nice day!!

Manager  Koji

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October 11, 2019

Xin chào mọi người ! Sammy ( growtokyo) Tôi lại được viết lên những cảm xúc của tôi. Tháng 10 là tháng tất cả phụ nữ điều hạnh phúc, được gối gọn vào Ngày ” Phụ nữ Việtnam ” 20/10..! Tôi cảm thấy tự hào khi là người phụ nữ việtnam ! Nhân dịp này tôi gởi lời chúc đến tất cả Chị em phụ nữ,càng ngày càng xinh,sức khoẻ dồi dào gia đình hạnh phúc,mọi sự điều thành công….
Tháng này tôi đã thực hiện được lời hứa của mình,tôi đã dẫn gia đình vào sài gòn để ăn món nhật bản mà tôi thường kể cho ba mẹ nghe mỗi khi tôi được công ty dẫn đi ăn,và gia đình tôi đã ăn món ăn nhật bản và khen rất ngon! Tôi cảm thấy rất vui khi đã gởi món quà yêu thương này cho gia đình….
Và một điều nữa là cám ơn Chi Mao đã giúp mẹ tôi có mái tóc mới    
  • Hi everybody !
I’m Sammy! October is the month for all women to be happy, neatly packed on “Vietnamese Women” on October 20 ..! I feel proud to be a Vietnamese woman! On this occasion I would like to send greetings to all Sisters, more and more beautiful, abundant health, happy families, all successful things …. This month I fulfilled my promise, I took my family to Saigon. And we ate Japanese food ! I often told my parents that take to the company,,,, I am very happy to have sent this gift of love to my family …. And one more thing is to thank Chi Mao for helping my mother get new hair    
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October 02, 2019

Xin chào mọi người, mình là Kimiko đây ^^
Mỗi ngày, các bạn hay dùng món gì cho bữa trưa nào?
Vì công việc bận rộn, nên mình không hay nấu ăn, mà thường chọn ăn các quán gần tiệm tóc. Mình đang hạn chế ăn thịt và đặt món ship để giảm thiểu rác nhựa. Nên mình hay đi ăn ở quán chay cuối hẻm Nguyễn Trung Ngạn.
Mình rất thích không gian của quán, món ăn nhiều rau củ, tốt cho sức khoẻ lại có hoa trên bàn, và nhạc du dương nữa <3
Khi nào đó, nếu bạn làm tóc xong mà thấy đói bụng, có thể ghé quán ăn lót dạ nè hihi ^_^
Hello everyone, I’m Kimiko ^^
What do you have for lunch every day?
Because of my busy work, I don’t usually cook, but I often choose to eat in Vegan restaurant near our hair salon. I’m trying to eat meatless and do not ordering shipping lunch to minimize plastic waste.  So I often go to eat at the vegetarian restaurant at the end of Nguyen Trung Ngan street.
 I really like the restaurant’s space, lots of vegetables, good health and flowers on the table, and melodious music too <3
 At some point, if you’re done with your hair and you’re hungry, you can visit there for good time hihi ^ _ ^

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Receptionist Kimiko  

September 21, 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Thao !

  I would like to introduce myself  … I am currently working at grow tokyo … In the past I worked in Vietnamese shops and after a while I thought and wanted to learn more.   about how Japanese people work … So I applied to grow Tokyo … And this is my first time working with Japanese people … They are also very friendly,fun …       I was passionate about singing and dancing … And I used to go to some places … But then an injury to my left arm broke so I could no longer dance … And  I chose my hair career … Now I’m working at grow Tokyo … And I’m trying to learn and work here … I will be determined to become a professional hairdresser …         Anyway today I will tell you about the person I love so much that is Cuc.     She was very cute and happy,sociable … And giving birth to two very cute boys … them named coca and cola.         And now I am waiting for her to come back to grow again … I think every staff have the same feelings as me. it would be fun when she comes back to work with us …

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Assistant Thao

September 13, 2019

こんにちはMaoです!! またまたカンボジアへ出張に行って来ました!! よく何をしに行ってるの? とご質問いただくのですが、ヘルプで行ってサロンで働いたり、ミーティングをしに行ったり、講習をしたりしに行っています。 今回はカンボジアの新しい企画のためメイク講習をしに行ってきました! みんな真剣。 みんな夢中で休憩もせず3時間。 講習慣れしてない私のせいで ヘアーの講習までいけませんでしたが みんなが楽しそうにやっている姿が嬉しくて また次回も頑張ろうと私も更にやる気にさせ てもらいました!!   お客様に喜んでもらえるのも勿論ですがスタッフに喜んで貰えるのも嬉しい。 きっと美容師はみんな思う、この仕事をやってて良かったと思える瞬間です!! みんなに喜んでもらえるように、そしてそれで自分が幸せに思えるように頑張っていきたいと思います!!

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Stylist Mao