September 21, 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Thao !

  I would like to introduce myself  … I am currently working at grow tokyo … In the past I worked in Vietnamese shops and after a while I thought and wanted to learn more.   about how Japanese people work … So I applied to grow Tokyo … And this is my first time working with Japanese people … They are also very friendly,fun …       I was passionate about singing and dancing … And I used to go to some places … But then an injury to my left arm broke so I could no longer dance … And  I chose my hair career … Now I’m working at grow Tokyo … And I’m trying to learn and work here … I will be determined to become a professional hairdresser …         Anyway today I will tell you about the person I love so much that is Cuc.     She was very cute and happy,sociable … And giving birth to two very cute boys … them named coca and cola.         And now I am waiting for her to come back to grow again … I think every staff have the same feelings as me. it would be fun when she comes back to work with us …

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Assistant Thao

September 13, 2019

こんにちはMaoです!! またまたカンボジアへ出張に行って来ました!! よく何をしに行ってるの? とご質問いただくのですが、ヘルプで行ってサロンで働いたり、ミーティングをしに行ったり、講習をしたりしに行っています。 今回はカンボジアの新しい企画のためメイク講習をしに行ってきました! みんな真剣。 みんな夢中で休憩もせず3時間。 講習慣れしてない私のせいで ヘアーの講習までいけませんでしたが みんなが楽しそうにやっている姿が嬉しくて また次回も頑張ろうと私も更にやる気にさせ てもらいました!!   お客様に喜んでもらえるのも勿論ですがスタッフに喜んで貰えるのも嬉しい。 きっと美容師はみんな思う、この仕事をやってて良かったと思える瞬間です!! みんなに喜んでもらえるように、そしてそれで自分が幸せに思えるように頑張っていきたいと思います!!

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Stylist Mao

September 01, 2019

August 26, 2019


Kennyです(^^) 先日2連休があったので弾丸でMui Ne(ムイネー)に行ってきました! Ho Chi Minhからはバスで4時間ちょいでいけるビーチリゾートです。初めての寝台バスで少し不安がありましたが、ドラえもんの毛布もご愛敬、足も延ばせるので意外と快適でした。 やはり水辺はいいですね(^^ ムイネーについたらそのままツアーデスクでツアーの申し込みをして、 漁業ビーチ、Fairy Springs,Red Sand Dune,White Sand Duneの4つを見学できるジープツアーに参加しました。 これでお値段180,000VNDだったのでとてもお得感がありました☆ お天気も良く、白い砂丘、赤い砂丘どちらもとてもきれいでした。 弾丸でしたが、魚介類もとてもおいしいし、人もそんなに多くないので、のんびりできてとてもいい休暇になりました。 ムイネーおすすめです☆ぜひ行ってみてください(^^♪

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August 16, 2019

In growtokyo we have 5 Vietnamese staff who love hair.

They work and are passionate about their way, among 5 employees, 1 is very good at music and hiphop dancing that is sports.

 Thao showed us his agility and intelligence when he was working, his talent is also very popular in growtokyo, especially about the music he can sing all the time.  Latest music genre today.


 As for hiphop dancing, there was a problem that his right arm was broken during acting somewhere, but he still had a burning passion in him.

 May growtokyo grow and grow, and have such interesting employees.

He’ll also grow up as a hairdresser.

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Assistant  Tin

August 08, 2019



growの並びにある(Nguyễn trung ngạn通り)にあります。growから更に奥に20mくらい行ったところにあります。

名前はCƠM CHIÊN 26。

実はNguyễn trung ngạn通り、たくさんのご飯屋さんが並んでいて、お昼時にはたくさん人が集まる通りなんです。家庭的なベトナム料理を食べたい方は是非!




Cơm đùi gà (目玉焼き乗せオプション)40,000vnd.

Mì xào bò(目玉焼き乗せオプション)40,000vnd.








Have a nice day!!

Manager  Koji

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July 27, 2019

Xin chào ! Hiện nay bên “grow tokyo” nơi mà sammy đang làm việc,các bạn Nam cứ xô nhau đến tiệm “grow tokyo” để rinh em này về dinh đ Đây là dòng sản phẩm “ wax” (sáp giữ nếp cứng,mịn tóc) giúp tạo độ phồng bồng bềnh cho tóc. Hàng này xuất xứ từ nhật bản nhé,vì vậy các bạn không lo về vấn đề hàng giả nhé. ( Hàng này dành cho Nam) nếu bạn nữ có mái tóc uốn hoặc mái tóc ngắn cần giữ nếp thì cũng có thể dùng được ạ. Nhanh lên nhé khách, “grow tokyo “luôn chờ đón bạn để trải nghiệm dòng sản phẩm này. Hello ! Currently the “grow tokyo” where sammy is working, the boys go on hustling to “grow tokyo” to return to this place. This is the “wax” line (wax that holds the hard, smooth hair) to help create a flutter for the hair. This item comes from Japan, so you are not worried about fake goods. (This item is for Men) If a girl with curly hair or short hair needs to keep it, it can be used. Hurry up, “grow tokyo” is always waiting for you to experience this product line. Tel  02822537554  / 0931542264 E-mail< Facebook Grow HCMC< Instagram growtokyo.hcmc Assistant Sammy

July 12, 2019

Xin chào ^o^ Mình là Kimiko, hôm nay mình xin giới thiệu với mọi người về một thành viên đặc biệt trong tiệm mình nhé! Tuyền – Thợ làm Nails tại Grow, em bắt đầu làm chung với chúng mình từ 01.05.2019, tới nay cũng hơn 2 tháng rồi. Lần đầu gặp em để tóc dài rất nữ tính, nhưng sau khi được anh chị trong tiệm cắt tóc cho thì suốt ngày đòi cắt ngắn hơn nữa :))) Bù lại với vẻ ngoài nhí nhảnh, tăng động thì khi làm việc, Tuyền rất tập trung, chịu khó làm đẹp cho các chị từ làm nails đến mi nhé ^^ Nhờ có Tuyền mà cô lễ tân là mình đây, thỉnh thoảng lại có bộ móng siêu cute luôn đấy. Điều đó cũng giúp mình tự tin hơn khi nói chuyện với khách hàng đến tiệm 😀 Cám ơn em nhiều nè~ Hello ^ o ^ I’m Kimiko. Today, I would like to introduce you to a special member in our salon! Ms. Tuyen – Nailist at Grow, she started working with us from May 1st, 2019 it has been more than 2 months now. The first time I met her, she got a long hair looked very feminine, but after getting a haircut, I think she falls in love with short hairstyles :))) In return, with the appearance of a child, energetic girl, when she’s working, Tuyen is focused to do nails for our clients ^^ Her art is so wonderful Thanks to Tuyen, me – the receptionist of Grow, sometimes could have super cute nails <3 It also helps me be more confident when talking to customers to the shop: D Thank Tuyen so much ~ こんにちは^ o ^ きみこです。 今日、Growで働くネイリストを紹介します! 5月からネイリストのTuyenちゃんが、私たちと一緒に働き始めました。現在2か月以上経っています。最初に会ったTuyen ちゃんは長い髪で非常に女性的でした、しかし散髪を得た後、それをもっと短くしたいと思いました:))) 働く時はTuyenちゃんは非常に集中しています^^ Tuyenちゃんのおかげで、私は時々かわいい爪にしてもらいます。 ありがとう〜 Tel  02822537554  / 0931542264 E-mail< Facebook Grow HCMC< Instagram growtokyo.hcmc Receptionist Kimiko

July 07, 2019

Xin chào mọi người .
Tôi là John . Tôi là thợ phụ ở Grow Tokyo tôi đã hoàn thành khoá Nhuộm và sấy đây là mẫu nhuộm tóc của tôi . Các bạn cảm thấy như thế nào về màu tóc này . Tôi rất muốn đem lại nhiều màu tóc đẹp cho các bạn .
Hôm nay là ngày tiệc chia tay Thu Cúc và chúng tôi tổ chức một buổi tiệc sinh nhật bất ngờ cho cô ấy . Cô ấy có một kỳ nghĩ dài và chúng tôi mong cô ấy sẽ sớm quay lại làm việc với Grow Tokyo .
Hi everybody .
 I’m John.  I am a Grow Tokyo accessory worker. I have completed the Dyeing and Drying course.  How do you feel about this hair color?  I really want to bring more beautiful hair colors for you.
We had the farewell party for Thu Cuc and we organized a surprise birthday party for her.  She has a long vacation and we hope she will soon return to work with Grow Tokyo.

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Assistant John

June 28, 2019

こんにちは😃 Maoです。 5月から始まったまつ毛パーマサービス!! 最近マツエクをしていた方がまつ毛パーマに変えたり増えてます。 マツエクよりもナチュラルで、ビューラーをしてもすぐに落ちて来てしまう方、目元を触ってしまうクセがある方や顔を洗う時にいつも通り気にせず洗いたい方におススメです!! 一度やると癖になる人気のまつ毛パーマぜひ一度お試しください!!  

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Stylist Mao