August 26, 2020


Hello everyone I’m Tin!

today I want to talk about the new shampoo

Self-foaming shampoos, as the name suggests, is used to wash hair with only soluble carbonic acid. Spray type.

“Carbon dioxide” is invented when it comes to carbonic acid.

When carbon dioxide enters the scalp vessels, muscles can be judged as “not enough oxygen”. So you have to widen the blood vessels to increase oxygen levels. This is the basis of the cycle of.

In addition, carbonic acid-based shampoos make it easier to remove dirt like sebum with conventional shampoos that reduce the foam produced by carbonic acid.

[Use the start up • Weekly • Removes dirt from pores • Improved curvature and aroma

By improving the information storage system in the head, oxygen and nutrients spread more easily. Promotes strong incoming information retention. After experiencing it you will feel cool

Benefits of Carbonated Shampoo on the Scalp The Benefits of Carbonated Shampoos Promotes blood circulation. Removes dirt from pores Improves healing and odor By improving scalp information circulation, oxygen and nutrition can be spread more easily than I would. Promotes information retention to strength hair. In addition, it also removes dirt like sebum that regular shampoo cannot remove, you can avoid scalp troubles.

now we are offer that for regular customers ,onece per person during 3month. If you interest that please ask to us.

Thank you

Assistant Tin

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August 12, 2020















では,,,,,have a good day!!!!!!!

Manager  Koji

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July 23, 2020

こんにちは!Maoです。 今回はわたしのおすすめのワックスについてお話したいと思います。 おそらくgrow一番人気な ☆OWAY precious wax☆
こちらイタリア製のオーガニックワックスなのですが、コロナの影響なのかなかなか入ってこず約半年ぶりに入荷いたしました。 このワックスの特徴はバームみたいな質感で髪に光沢のある束感が作りやすいです。 100%植物性のワックスなので手に残ったものはハンドクリームやリップクリームとしてもお使いいただけます。小さいお子さんに髪を触られちゃうなんて方にもおすすめです。なんといっても柑橘系の匂いがたまりません。(オレンジ、バニラ、シナモンからする香だそう) ちょっとウエットな感じでつやが欲しい方、男性の方でもガチっと固めるよりはつやっと束感を作りたい方にオスおすすめです。私は巻いた後に全体につけて最後に細かく巻いた顔回りや後れ毛につけるのが好きです。


ちょっと最初は固めなので手によく伸ばしてお使いください。オイルとミックスした方が使いやすいです。 業者さん曰く次に入荷できるのはまた半年後になるそうなのでお試しになりたい方はお早めに~!!

Stylist Mao

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July 14, 2020

Hello everyone! 

I’m Quynh!

Hope everyone have nice day on July, Saigon now coming you with rainy season. This is great time for love horror story group sitting together, when the raining ouside and hear about scare story. Are you traveling around Vietnam before, very beautiful right, but did you know Vietnam have some place have some story we never can explain….. Are you ready!!!

No.1: Côn Đảo island.

Con Dao is an archipelago off the coast of South Vietnam and is also a district-level administrative unit of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, Vietnam. Today, Con Dao is also known as a tourist destination and sightseeing with beaches and nature reserve in Con Dao National Park. Before Côn Đảo was once known as the largest prison and exile place for Indochina before 1975. There are many Vietnamese patriotic soldiers who lie down here and people say their souls are forever on this land and have alot of horror story before when every traveling in here. But Côn Đảo is realy beautiful place with beach and seafood why you don’t try to go there later.

No.2: Đà Lạt

Dalat is the capital city of Lam Dong province, located on Lam Vien plateau, in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. In the first half of the 20th century, from a desolate location, the French planned and built up a beautiful city with villas, offices, hotels and schools, a tourist and educational center of Indochina at that time. With an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains and forest flora, Da Lat inherits a mild and mild mountainous climate year round. Thanks to its mild climate, beautiful natural landscapes and rich architectural heritage, Dalat is also known by many other names such as “Misty City”, “City of Thousand Pine”, “City of thousands.” “,” Cherry Blossom Country “or” Little Paris “. Vietnamese consider it a paradise for couples because of its romantic and romantic beauty.

After the French left Vietnam, these mansions are abandoned and still now no one live in there, have the new owners who bought them for business or living purposes leave in a short time. Because long time and no one live so almost the villa been damaged lying alone between hillsides in the fog make its become obsessed with the story about one ghost girl crying every night walking around this place and call someone passing through this area. No one no its fake or real that is the secret of Dalat.

No.3: The abandoned house 300 Kim Ma- Hanoi.

In the center of capital Hanoi where people say land is more expensive than gold have big house been abandoned adress is 300 Kim Mã. From 1982 to 1991, the house of 300 Kim Ma was built to serve as the headquarters of the Bulgarian Embassy. Someone said they saw ghosts swaying on the door; Some people hear children crying and laughing; strange noises at night or the mysterious movement of tables and chairs; until the shadow moved dimly…..

No.4:  The 99-door mansion and the ghost girl of the Hua family- Saigon.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Chu Hoa (1845 – 1901) emerged with the reputation of one of the most talented business men in Saigon. He bulding house with 99 doors for family live together but after finish this house his daugher Hứa Tiểu Lan become sick- leprosy all her body been sore. He didnt want some one talk bad about her so he arest her in the room highest in the villa no long time after that she died and people say sometime they hear her crying in the room they say the soul of her still live forever in this room of the house. 

In 1987 the house was used as the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum. Up to now, almost all rooms in the villa have been used for exhibition, but still have some rooms are lock and the museum’s operating hours are quite short: from 9am to 17h every day.

Assistant Quynh

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July 06, 2020


最近grow HCMCではバエスポットのデザインが変わりました☆









We made good spaces to take pictures! please feel free to take that after your hair cut (^^)

And I’ll introduce you to our new assistant, it’s Duy!

He has nice smile and kind. He’ll provide good service to you!

Have a nice week(^^)

Stylist Kasumi(Kenny)

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July 01, 2020

Hello ! I’m Tin!

Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens not only has Animals!

Plants – Research – Education – Conservation and Rescue Animals are other activities that the Botanical Garden has inherited and built over the past 150 years:

🌍 Nurture, care and reproduction for rare animals (red book) 🌍 Maintain diverse flora, ancient species with a lifespan of more than 100 years (there are species from when Saigon was still a primary forest). 🌍 Rescue animals from illegal farms, trapped, support specialized animal care knowledge for your units when you need help 🌏 Cooperation and academic exchange with domestic, regional and international scientific institutes 🌍 Develop and implement a reality education program for children, helping them to have practical knowledge about nature, protecting the environment, loving animals. Beyond that, develop and shape human values 🌏 Agricultural research, development of crop varieties, experiments and building of modern agricultural models that increase productivity, do not pollute soil, and affect health (Clean agriculture) 🌍 Maintain a green lung for the city 🌏 Develop an academic system, share and disseminate knowledge to the community about plants and animals – protect the environment. Nature will be the biggest and best conservation place, if each of us is conscious – responsible to nature.

🤝 When you go to the Zoo, if you do not litter, dispose of waste in the right place, and separate the garbage, the sanitation staff will be much less labor-intensive, you will have more time to take care of vegetation, cleaning animals, shaping landscape decoration to serve you better.

🤝 Limiting the use of plastic bags – At the Zoo, we have veterinarians to handle when children ingest plastic items, plastic bags. But the animals in the wild do not get that luck.

🤝 Do not smoke, or find a place where only you and your “peers” share the same taste. As the Zoo and Botanical Garden is a family space, we have children, the elderly, and a lot of pregnant women who come here to find a fresh space with trees and animals to avoid the dust. out ==> Be responsible to the people around you.

🤝 Do not buy animals to release. Use your mind to think: your ultimate goal is to return the animal to nature, which originally lived in the wild! We don’t need to work too hard to go around so big to pay the original thing that’s been there just to have a “beautiful and humane” picture at birth.

🤝 Don’t trust or use animal parts to satisfy your ego. Legend has it that the use of boar fangs and tigers’ teeth will keep the bullets from hitting ==> That’s true, rest assured that if you get shot, it won’t hit the fangs. Or, use ivory, rhino horn, tiger skin, leopard to make decorations, eat live monkey brains … to prove your rank ==> Your greatest level is the social recognition of personality.

🤝 Love animals, conserve plants, do not use nature in a destructive way. We have a team of veterinarians and agronomists who can be considered strong and experienced, and we want more time to do scientific research, develop intensive research projects, building – improving the natural environment, building environmentally friendly products, synthesizing documents, writing articles to share knowledge to the community … rather than having to allocate many resources for rescue. , conserve. When an individual is determined to be released back into the wild, it is a consideration: “It will be safe.” Please share your responsibility to naturally return to its inherent safety for animals.

So far, Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens are nourishing more than 1,300 animals of 125 species, including many rare and precious species such as: hemorrhoids star, patch, yellow cheeked gibbon, golden pension, fire leopard, clouded leopard. .. There are also more than 2,500 trees with over 900 plant species preserved.

Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens (Zoo), a place very dear to hear. It not only imprints the history of our city, nearly 147 years of formation and development, but also an extremely special animal and plant reserve with a collection of nearly 1,000 plant species and more than 120 rare and precious wildlife Come to the zoo we can immerse ourselves in nature, feel relaxed, wish you have a wild and comfortable experience at the zoo.

Assistant Tin

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June 23, 2020













この後はいつものpoc poc beer garden に移動してみんなでワイワイしてきました!







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June 08, 2020



先日スタッフCucの双子の赤ちゃんにやっと会えました〜‼️Tin と一緒にCucの家に行って来ました。今年1月に復帰したCucでしたが、コロナの影響で子供を預かってくれる所もなくまだお休みしております。











Stylist Mao

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June 02, 2020

Sài Gòn… mưa !!!

Cứ như thông lệ hằng năm sau những ngày nắng nóng oi bức Sài Gòn lại chào đón những cơn mưa đầu mùa. Trong cái vòng xoay tất bật của sự mưu sinh, của cuộc sống vội vã, trong cái nóng như thiêu như đốt bỗng…Mưa về!!… nhìn ngoài trời, từ ô cửa kính phòng làm việc hay lúc đang vội vã trên đường, bất chợt thấy mưa chúng ta vô tình thốt lên :”Mưa rồi!” khi ấy, trong lòng mỗi người là những suy nghĩ mỗi khi trời mưa : liệu có ngập đường về không nhỉ?, mình có quên mang áo mưa không? Và những suy nghĩ vu vơ bỗng thoáng qua…

Mưa ơi mưa bao giờ mới tạnh Có kịp giờ cho những buổi đón đưa? Đâu đó trong hàng ngàn câu hỏi khi mưa đến sẽ có những người chẳng muốn hỏi chi họ nhìn mưa, lặng im và tận hưởng bởi vì họ thích mùa mưa đến lạ.

Không phải ngẫu nhiên mà nhiều tác giả lại ưu ái cho mùa mưa như thế, trong những vần thơ, trong những câu văn hay trong những bản tình ca đều có hình bóng của những cơn mưa bởi đâu có chi mà xa lạ mùa Mưa là mùa của tình yêu, của những trái tim cần hơi ấm muốn xích lại gần nhau hơn, mùa Mưa là mùa bắt đầu cho sự sống mới, sau cơn mưa cây thêm xanh tốt vươn mầm, và… mùa Mưa cũng là mùa của cô đơn của những nỗi buồn đã cũ, bỗng dưng ùa về lúc nào không biết.

Ngồi trong một quán cafe nhỏ nơi gốc phố nhìn ngoài trời mưa bay, tí tách những âm thanh của tự nhiên, mùi đất, mùi gạch, mùi của gỗ cây… tất cả tạo nên một chút gì đó lắng đọng làm cho con người ta như chậm lại để suy tư nhiều hơn. Đôi khi là những buổi gia đình, bạn bè cùng quay quầng bên nồi lẩu nóng nghi ngút khói trong những ngày trời mưa. Hay đơn giản chỉ là một ngày nghỉ, bạn cho phép mình lười biếng hết thảy, nằm vùi trong chăn nghe ngoài trời rơi từng giai điệu êm tai.

Mưa Sài Gòn có chút đỏng đảnh, dễ thương, dễ chịu như người Sài Gòn, mưa đến bất chợt và đi cũng rất nhanh mang theo bao niềm vui, kỷ niệm, bóng dáng một ai đó hoà vào tan biến… tất cả trong mùa mưa SG….

Saigon … rain!!!

As usual every year after the hot dry season, Saigon welcomes the first rainy season. In the hustle and bustle of living, in a hurried life, in the scorching heat … Rain coming !! … looking outside, from the glass window of the office or when you are going hurry on the road, raining coming and we exclaim say, “It’s rain!” then, in the heart of each person are the thoughts every time when rains: will there be flooded on the road ?, have I forgotten to bring raincoats? And vague thoughts suddenly flashed …

“Rain never stopped raining Is have time for two hearts meeting?” Somewhere among the thousands of questions when the rain comes, there will be people who do not want to ask anything they just see rain, keep silent and enjoy because they like the rainy season so much!!! It is no coincidence that many authors favored bias such for rainy season, in the poems, in the beautiful verses and in the love songs all have the shadow of the rains because rainy season is the season of love, of hearts that need warmth to get closer, Rain is the season to start a new life, after the rain of green trees grow, and … Rain season is also the season of Loneliness of the old sadness, suddenly rushed on when unknown.

Sitting in a small cafe shop on the street overlooking the rainy sky, separating the sounds of nature, the smell of earth, the smell of bricks, the smell of wood … all create a bit of sediment that makes me people seem to slow down to reflect more. Sometimes family gatherings, friends spin around the hot pot in the rainy days. Or simply a day off, you allow yourself to be all lazy, lying in the blanket listening to the melody the best ever melody of the rain.

Rain in Saigon have a little cute, little kinky and easygoing like Saigon people, the rain comes suddenly and goes very fast, bringing a lot of joy, memories, someone’s shadow appear and disappear…. it all stays in the rainy season. SG ….

Assistant Quynh

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May 22, 2020


ケニーです☆ 突然ですがgrowには最近新しい仲間が加わりました!!

名前は Thaiくんです!!






Stylist Kasumi (Kenny)

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